News Flash – 12/12/08

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Gears of War 3 large scale co-op?

The latest issue of EGM suggests that Gears of War 3 will feature 5 player co-operative play in its main campaign.

We don’t know about you but for us, the horde mode included in Gears 2 in which five players square off against fifty waves of tougher and tougher locust was a fantastic addition, and a real deal maker in the lifespan stakes.

But would five people be too many for a narrative driven campaign? And who is this elusive fifth member that would fight alongside Marcus, Dom, Cole, and Baird? For a game not due till 2010, this is too much speculation if you ask us.

EA not meeting intended profits

EA issued a statement on Tuesday warning people that it expects profits for fiscal year 2009 to be down on previous years.

The gaming behemoth said it will be ‘cutting jobs and making facility consolidations’ to try and boost income and regain the 6% of value its shares lost after the announcement.

Perhaps if EA didn’t put out games that last six hours and charge for download content that should be in the game people would be more inclined to drop the full RRP on some of their recent, interesting ideas rather than waiting for the inevitable post Christmas price drop.


Video – Resident Evil 5 early look.

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Resident Evil 4 provided people with a lot of gaming time when it launched… over 3 years ago, so it’s not hard to realise that hype for its sequel is sky high. GMG has managed to grab some footage from the highly sought after Japanese demo and we can tell you that whilst it feels strange at first, you’ll soon be killing infected villagers left and right like it was 2005 all over again! Here’s hoping for the return of the mercenaries mode and leaderboards…

Caption Contest – 10/12/08

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12/12/08 Challenges – Banjo Kazooie and Resident Evil 4

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Banjo Kazooie (classic)

Mumbo Mountain Minute

Challenge: Finish Mumbo’s Mountain, the game’s first level, as fast as you can.

With the release of this classic on Xbox Live arcade it’s time to remember a fond challenge from the old days of N64 Magazine, speed running Mumbo’s Mountain. We’re talking leaderboards speed running so that’s 100 musical notes, and 10 jiggies, you do not need the hidden honeycombs. Just remember, Talon Trot is the fastest method of running!

Bronze – under 13 minutes

Silver – under 11 minutes

Gold – under 9 minutes

Platinum – under 8 minutes

Resident Evil 4

Accuracy is key

Challenge: finish the game with the highest % accuracy possible.

Another old school one here, but hey, we’re about getting you the most out of your games so dust off this masterpiece and take it for one last spin! Using whatever weapons you want, try and finish the game with the best accuracy possible! Make the challenge even harder by ramping up the difficulty…

Bronze – 93% accuracy

Silver – 95% accuracy

Gold – 97% accuracy

Platinum – 99% accuracy

Review – Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

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I just made a car with three jets, a laser, fuel, ammo, and an effigy of a snowman wearing wide fronts, the car was hard to control and looked silly, but after a little tinkering it totally destroyed the target time for a race and I had fun barrelling around the beautiful worlds, not achieving a lot, but having a fantastic time.

‘But it’s not a traditional platformer!’ the masses yelled when Nuts & Bolts was revealed, but here’s the truth, it’s one of the most refreshing and time consuming games released on the 360 to date.

And what’s more, the game has the feel and appeal of the old N64 games, characters reference the game they are in and take digs at Microsoft and the developers themselves, the story is packed with delightful animation and writing that will raise a wry smile from even the most serious gamer and it’s just a game that’s a joy to experience.

Tasked with completing various challenges by L.O.G (the self proclaimed Lord of Games) players use vehicles to race, carry things, and push things among other tasks in a story mode that contains more than twenty hours of gameplay minimum.

The draw of Nuts & Bolts is the vehicle creation, while there are blueprints you can use and effectively finish the game, you feel a sense of pride when you obliterate a challenge using your personal monster while taking them online and sharing blueprints only increases the fun.

Online modes have as much variety as the single player tasks, from football and darts, to sumo and straight up racing, all these tasks can be played with pre set vehicles or those of the player’s creation. Once players are allowed free roam over vehicles the multiplayer reaches levels of genius that most other games can only dream of attaining.

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is a game that rewards players ingenuity, those that can spend time tinkering with vehicles and enjoy chasing records as well as enjoy showing off their creations to less talented people will find a toy box bursting at the seams, and one that deserves to be played by anyone with even the slightest tinge of curiosity.

The Re-playability factor

over one hundred challenges with leaderboards, custom screenshots, vehicle creation, online and split screen multiplayer with a variety of game types, enough game to make modern belemic six hour jaunts blush in comparison.

GMG Challenge Factor

Plenty, if we don’t find challenges from this game then we officially fail.

Review – Dead Space

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If I say Resident Evil 4 chances are your eyes have already glazed over, reminiscing on moments when you were running through a village, knee capping Spaniards before kicking them in the face as you take shelter from the masked chainsaw man in a house. But were you scared, horrified, or even a little wet in your drawers? No, you weren’t, because Resident Evil 4 was not scary.

Resi 4 single headedly became one of the best video games ever whilst pushing the horror genre into action territory with scares becoming an after thought. Silent Hill disappeared off the map whilst games like The Suffering and Alone in the Dark jumped on the action bandwagon and it’s taken EA of all companies to wrench it back into the realms of the terrifying because, let’s face it, Silent Hill Homecoming isn’t that great.

Playing as Isaac, a love sick engineer on a small vessel, your crew answers a distress call from the planet cracker ‘Ishimura’ and after a rough landing, two of your crew members already dead and you isolated, your team makes the elementary decision that ‘something isn’t right’.

Dead Space’s real triumph is its atmosphere, a perfect combination of visual, audio, and lighting. Whilst the combat is as fast as Resi 4 the designers managed to feel restraint, lights will go out and come back on without an enemy in sight, audio logs unsettle you and the sounds coming from every mechanism in the ship while lights play on shadows give the Ishimura the believability lacking from many game locations, you start to fear every door and sigh with relief as your fears don’t come to light.

But when it comes to combat, Dead Space is full of gusto as it gives you a small selection of well designed guns and abilities. You will be blasting tendrils off enemies to stop their advance, slowing them down, clobbering them with your gun and giganto boots while throwing explosive barrels at them, Isaac is a combination of Leon Kennedy, Gordon Freeman, and a drunk Staffs student who has downed one too many snakebites.

And that’s Dead Space, a ten hour effort to escape a doomed ship that takes plenty of cues from horror movies and games alike. Weapon upgrades and brutal difficulty levels mean there is enough meat for dedicated gamers to chew over but more importantly than that, the proper horror game is back! And if you’ll excuse me I just need to change my underwear.

The Re-playability factor

Unless you’re an achievement whore or someone who likes to push themselves with higher difficulties, Dead Space is not for you. But if you are then it will take several run throughs of fiddling with, upgrading, and using the various weapons and struggling through the ball squeezingly tough nightmare mode.

GMG Challenge Factor

Not much scope for challenges with this game, we might be able to squeeze one or two from its tight corridors and limb severing gameplay but it’s a very focused game.

Caption Contest week 3

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It’s that time of week again and here’s a picture from a game most people probably overlooked, Viva Pinata 2!

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